If I told you that you can achieve absolutely anything that you set your mind to (as long as it is within the realms of reality of course!) would you believe me?

If I told you that visualisation and being open to receiving is the key, would you believe me?

According to Abraham Hicks, the key to achieving our dreams is quite simple. Life is not supposed to be hard and yet we make it so. How many times have we asked for something and it has been delivered and because it seemed to be too easily given to us we rejected it?

Our bodies are so powerful and our minds are phenomenal machines and guess what, ask for what you want to achieve and it will be yours.

So, as an example then, let’s say you wanted to better your financial situation and you decided that £100,000 would set you up for life. This is only the first step. Remember that visualising is the key as well as intention and you will be on your way to some magical results. Bear in mind though, the money may not come to you as physical cash or a bank transfer, it may come to you as a spark of inspiration for a business idea which will result in the financial gain that you require.

Now that you know how to achieve your goals, think very carefully about what you visualise and what your intentions are and if they are for the greater good then be specific about what you want to achieve. Perhaps write it down on a piece of paper and visualise your outcome and you will achieve your goal in abundance.

In contrast, should your intention be of ill will then be very aware of karma which will inevitably pay you a visit.

Best wishes