Self-hypnosis for getting over my fear of cycling down hills

OK,so I have just started cycling to work with a view to getting fitter and to assist me with running the Great North Run, which I will be doing in September for Cancer Research Click here for more information

The only problem is I’m scared of cycling down hills and I am forever pressing my breaks. Whether it is scared of going too fast and not having control or perhaps the fear of someone walking out onto the road as I am speeding down it.

As a hypnotherapist,I am only too aware that negativity breeds negativity and recognise that this is a fear that I can overcome so easily with hypnotherapy.Therefore, I intend to carry out self-hypnosis to calm myself and to get over this fear that has somewhat snowballed over the past week.

When a client comes to me to get over a fear or phobia, we will have a discussion to ascertain the Initial Sensitising Event (ISE). This is to understand how the phobia/fear began and once we know we can work together to overcome this.

So now it comes down to me, what is my ISE? How did I suddenly have a fear of cycling down hills? Then it came to me in a kind or Eureka moment! I remember driving down a hill on an icy day and losing control of the car and landing in an embankment. Ever since that day I have had a fear of driving down steep hills and thus my fear of cycling down hills followed suit. So now I have my ISE I can start on my self-hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy session – 31/03/19

So, I carried out some self-hypnosis with a view to overcoming my fear of cycling down hills and the real test will come on Monday when I cycle to work so I will keep you all updated. In this particular session of self-hypnosis, I did carry out the four stages of induction, deepener, suggestion and reorientation. I pre-recorded a script (that I had specifically written for my fear of cycling down hills) on my mobile phone so that I could listen to it with a view to totally relax and to get the best out of my session. I can go into a hypnosis very easily and I really did feel a huge shift in my energy when I came around. Now I don’t feel so concerned about cycling down hills which really isn’t headline news as I know how powerful hypnosis can be. It is my intention that by overcoming my own fears this will instil confidence in anyone who still is a little sceptical about hypnotherapy. Believe me it works!

I will tell you about my experience of cycling to work on Tuesday.

Cycling experience – 01/04/19

After a good night’s sleep and practicing some post hypnotic suggestions (i.e. saying over and over again to myself ‘I am a confident cyclist’) I was ready to cycle to work.  I did the usual; take my bike out of the garage, get my work clothes and lunch ready and as I did so I felt totally relaxed.  I was actually looking forward to cycling downhill – who would have thought it?!!  I was now ready to get onto the road and instead of pressing my breaks all the way down the hill, I embraced it and went down the hill free wheeling with a big smile on my face (apart from at crossings and the usual obstacles we cyclists face).  I was feeling more relaxed this time but know that I still have some work to do.  You see it can take more than one hypnotherapy session to get over a fear and so I will spend some more time with self-hypnosis and incorporating post hypnotic suggestions.

I know from experience that each and every time I carry out a hypnotherapy session, whether on myself or a client – improvements are made so that you can and will live your life to its full potential.  Just read my testimonials as an example of how hypnotherapy can assist you.