RLS Therapy

About me

Welcome to RLS Therapy where no goal is unachievable.  My name is Rebecca Shuttleworth and I am based in South Bristol.  I am happily engaged to Jay and have a lovely German Shepherd named Max.

I started work as an administrator a week after I left school and have worked in administration ever since.  I drifted from one training course to another trying to find something that fitted my requirements, but alas they didn’t quite tick the box.  As a woman in her 40’s I strived to train in something meaningful, something empowering and something that would assist people with their everyday lives.

I started training as a hypnotherapist with the view that eventually I would be a counsellor. However, after studying in hypnotherapy, I soon became hooked and knew that this was the right path for me.  I suddenly started to get excited knowing that this was the start of my journey.  This was the beginning of my new career.  At last I had found my vocation.  So, from there, I decided to enhance my knowledge and undertake a course in analytical hypnotherapy.

In addition, from personal experiences under my belt, I also decided to train in a specialist market and after extensive training, qualified as a Certified Hypnotic Fertility Practitioner, and this element of hypnotherapy is something that I am truly passionate about

One of the things that I enjoy about practicing hypnotherapy are the changes I see in clients.  I absolutely love my job, to see the transformation in clients really is quite phenomenal and I always feel privileged to be part of that.  Each and every one of us is unique and we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

In the words of Milton Erickson “people do not come to therapy to change their past but their future”.