Prices for sessions

Free 20-minute consultation by telephone or skype

£75 Per hypnotherapy session (50-60 minutes)

£75 per hypnotic fertility sessions (50-60 minutes)

£150 life coaching programme to include hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP techniques (1 hour based on a bespoke life coaching plan)

£150 Smoking cessation (1 ½ – 2 hours)


£280 for four sessions (hypnotherapy and hypnotic fertility sessions)

£560 for eight sessions (hypnotherapy and hypnotic fertility sessions)

£560 for four sessions (life coaching)

£980 for eight sessions (life coaching)

How can I pay?  We accept credit and debit card and bank transfer.  We also use stripe to receive bulk payments.

If you are interested in the bulk payment options, you will be required to pay this in full before we meet.  However, we also consider a 50% deposit followed by paying the balance when we meet at our first session.